About spotlight lacrosse events

Elite Exposure

Spotlight Exposure Events were created with the mission to provide High School lacrosse players who aspire to play at the college level with an opportunity to not only gain exposure to college coaches from all levels but to assist it their skill and mental development. We accomplish this with a staff of college and professional coaches working alongside professional players. The duel goal is to provide the ultimate developmental opportunity and high-level exposure, led by some of the top-name coaches and players in the sport. At Spotlight Exposure we strive to provide an experience that will have sustainable results and impact the participant’s game and opportunities going forward.

Positional Camp

The Old School Positional Camp was created to provide an opportunity for players from middle school through senior in High School to develop their position-specific skills under the direction of some of the top college and professional coaches and players in the country. The camp is designed to develop the skills necessary to prepare players for the next level. Old School also creates an environment that allows for players to be exposed to and interact with college coaches while learning what makes the best players in the world successful directly from those players. The attendees will be separated into 3 groups, grades 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Coaches will lead sessions focused on individual positional skills building up to live play focused on developing in-game capacity focused on decision making in fast-paced situations.